Heating regulator IR Sun WiFi is designed for all generations. The user interface is transparent and simple. All information is displayed very clearly. The main screen displays basic information about the set room temperature, the current room temperature, and the enabled heating functions. That way you can monitor the power output of your IR heating system. With just a touch of the screen you can quickly and easily access advanced heating functions or check how much energy you have allocated to heating your room. In short, the IR Sun WiFi heating regulator is so simple that you will be happy to use it.


Measures, calculates, regulates and saves.

The operating mode of the IR Sun WiFi heating regulator is completely different from the way conventional thermostats operate.

Classic thermostats operate on the principle of hysteresis. This means that an IR panel connected to a thermostat either operates at full power (100%) or is switched off. This method of heating is not the most comfortable because of the strong concentrated heat felt directly underneath the IR panel. At the same time, the temperature in the room and more importantly the feeling of warmth fluctuates. For most thermostats, the hysteresis is set to + -0.5 °C, which means that in theory the temperature in the room fluctuates by at least 1 °C. In practice, we see that it fluctuates even more.

The IR Sun WiFi heating regulator does not operate on the principle of hysteresis, but instead constantly monitors temperature changes in the room and responds to them. This way, the system is constantly very accurately calculating how much heat is required to precisely maintain the desired room temperature.

It also considers possible additional sources of heat, such as solar irradiation of the building, the supply of heat to the room due to household chores and others. When the IR Sun heating regulator collects all the data, it accurately delivers the exact amount of heat into the room which is required to achieve the desired temperature without temperature fluctuations.

Therefore, the IR SUN WiFi regulates the heating in such a way that the panel operates with a precisely determined power during a certain period of time, which is calculated by the controller, in order to achieve a constant room temperature (e.g. 12.6%). This method is called low-frequency pulse-width modulation.


Verify the power output of your IR heating system.

You can monitor the power output of your IR heating system and find out how your building reacts to IR heating.

Constant monitoring helps you use the IR heating system correctly and contributes to more rational heating of your rooms. Our tests have shown that users of the IR Sun WiFi regulator learn more quickly and easily how to correctly use IR heating systems and are much more satisfied with IR heating than users of conventional thermostats. The IR Sun WiFi heating regulator also determines if the installed IR heating system is not powerful enough to heat the room (which results in high energy consumption) and warns the user to install a more powerful IR panel. With this approach, the IR Sun WiFi heating regulator prevents excessive power consumption and ensures that users have a properly dimensioned heating system.


Find out how much energy you saved.

From now on, you will always know exactly how much energy you spent on heating. Verify how much energy you spent in the past period and compare spending at different times.

It is very easy to compare energy consumption at different set heating temperatures of the building, as well as consumption at different set heating times. Simply find out which settings are right for you and at the same time lower your energy consumption.


The most accurate, responsive and comfortable way of heating.

By installing the IR Sun controller, you will get the most responsive, accurate and comfortable heating system. Since the controller supplies the precise amount of heat to the room as it is necessary to maintain the desired temperature, you will not feel the strong concentration of the IR heat when standing directly under the panel as the IR panel rarely works at full power because of the advanced regulation system.

This makes your heating even and creates a warm area without significant temperature fluctuations. That will make your accommodation a lot more comfortable.

  • a new way of heating regulation creates savings and greater comfort of heating,
  • removes the shortcomings of existing systems.

Ventilate rooms with minimal energy losses.

IR Sun heating regulator automatically detects when rooms are being ventilated and reacts to it by turning the heating off.

As soon as it detects that you have stopped the ventilation, it will turn the heating on again and will continue with proper regulation. This is how you save energy. The IR Sun WiFi heating regulator will also warn you if the rooms are not ventilated properly.

Proper ventilation of the rooms is short and intense. Most people ventilate rooms by letting the windows slightly open the entire time – that is how we lose more energy.


Extend the lifespan of your IR heating system.

We have designed a mode of operation that does not cause large temperature changes to the IR panel, so the materials will age considerably more slowly. Using the IR Sun WiFi regulator, you will extend the lifespan of your IR heating system.

Due to the slower and smaller temperature expansions of the material, the aluminium panels will not crack as often.The goal is to completely eliminate cracking. All in all, the IR heating controller will make your life more comfortable.


Colour touch screen display.

A 10 cm colour touch screen display lets you easily control the regulator while at the same time it contributes to a more modern look of your home.


Wireless connection with IR Sun WiFi regulator.

The IR Sun WiFi regulator allows remote access to the heating system via a 2.4 GHz WiFi network and smartphone. Using the free app on your smartphone, you can change the settings of individual regulators, selected groups or even all the heating systems at the same time.


Lock option

For those of you who care that the room temperature does not change, use the lock option so that the skillful fingers of toddlers and curious visitors will not change the settings. With this option, you don’t have to worry that your electricity consumption will increase uncontrollably.


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